About New Standard – Reinventing Cannabis Experience

New Standard is a revolutionary Cannabis dispensary that established a new paradigm in the world of cannabis purchase and consumption. Spanning key locations in Michigan, from Sand Lake to Muskegon, our outlets are setting the ‘new standard’ by sparking a deeper connection among individuals and cannabis culture. Through our dispensary in Saugatuck, Edmore, Hazel Park, and Grand Haven, we integrate quality, safety, and service in a contemporary and approachable format. Whether you’re in search of a dispensary near you, or aspiring to learn more about marijuana, we foster transparent and responsible operations. We value our community as much as we value our product. Dedicated to innovation, education, and individual empowerment, New Standard is more than just a dispensary – it’s a movement. We lead with knowledge, passion, and respect for those looking for a distinct and enlightened cannabis experience. Let New Standard redefine the meaning of cannabis for you, today. Discover the new norm, and join us in experiencing marijuana from a fresh perspective.