High Times in Hadley, MA and Surrounding Areas

Hey folks! Welcome to the bustling pot shop of Had Leaf Dispensary. We’re on a mission to lighten your mood and brighten your day with our high-quality recreational marijuana! Planting our roots in Hadley, MA, we’ve grown our cannabis dispensary across the fertile soils of Northampton, Amherst, North Amherst, Granby, and South Hadley, MA. And boy, do we have some stories to tell!

Did you know, our Amherst branch once accidentally ran a promo as ‘Read-a-book-get-a-roach’? Or that our Northampton branch once mistook a local rock band for a gardening group? Hilarity is the added side effect you get when your local weed store has a stellar sense of humor!

From first-timers to seasoned smokers, the friendly folks at our pot shops have the knowledge, experience, and funnies to make your journey into the world of recreational marijuana as smooth and entertaining as possible. So, be a good bud and pass the word along. See you soon, right here at Had Leaf Dispensary, Massachusetts’ one-stop shop for high times and high laughs!